The Pickleball Boutique Story

As the founder of this online pickleball store, I am Pickleball-crazed and loving it! I played tennis for the first 27 years of my life. Then I met my husband, who was a golfer. Since then, I’ve played golf anywhere from one to five times a week. For almost 30 years!

In November of 2015, my 78 year old Mom said “you should come play pickleball.” Well, I did, and I have not played golf since. Maybe I was ready for a change – golf was taking up too much time, too much money and despite being as low as a 9 handicap, I had progressed as far as I was going to go.

So there I was, in Sun City Shadow Hills, an over-55 community in Southern California, where I spend the winter. Turns out the Pickleball program is fabulous. I play every day and have made more great friends in six months than I ever met on the golf course.

I spend the summer in a small town west of Denver, Colorado called Idaho Springs. We have one court in the Rec Center gym, and soon our single outdoor tennis court will be set-up for Pickleball.

I’ve become the self-appointed Pickleball Queen of Clear Creek county! I’ve taken it upon myself to develop a great program here by offering free weekly clinics, participating in the local 4th of July parade (that’s me in my husband’s ’68 VW), doing newspaper interviews and today I was interviewed on a local radio show!

Why I started a Pickleball Store

As for why I became a retailer of pickleball-related gifts and gear, I found this hat at the COD Street Fair in Palm Desert, CA last Fall. It was so comfortable and flattering that I bought a second one. People started asking me where I got it, but low and behold, there were no more to be had.

Upon coming back to Denver, I started playing in a regular Tuesday-Thursday Pickleball game at my Mom’s house (long story short – the backyard tennis court was recently converted to Pickleball) and all of the ladies I play with wanted a hat. It became clear that there was a demand for them, so I ordered a BUNCH! I’m calling it the “Lucy” hat, named after my lottery cat Lucy (another long story short – homeless shelter kitten in November 2014, now with a winter home in sunny Palm Springs).

So, now I am the proud owner of The Pickleball Boutique. I have lots of great products in mind. We will offer quality, cute and stylish gifts and gear for the Pickleball players in your life!

The store owner is the Pickleball Queen of Clear Creek county
Pickleball store owner Amy